Currently, The Police of Fruitland Idaho searching for a missing boy who they expected to be endangered. The name of the boy who is 5 years old is Michael Joseph Vaughan and was last seen on Tuesday 27th July near his house in Fruitland. Otherwise, the main reason behind the disappearance of the boy has not been revealed yet and the police are regularly trying to getting some clue related to the incident.

Michael Joseph Vaughan Missing

Michael Joseph Vaughan Missing

The police have not idea who the guy was with the boy was at the time of his disappearance. The boy is still not found by the police and everyone is worried for him as the police also trying to investigate the entire matter with a deep search.

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The Idaho State Police has since issued an Endangered Missing Person Alert, as well as a massive search where investigators are working with several other agencies, using multiple vehicles, drones and helicopters.

The official statement of Fruitland Chief of Police JD Huff said that “The Fruitland Police Department would like to extend a sincere thanks to all of our partner first responders and our community for taking the time to help us thoroughly search the area”. The boy was still lost and his family members are worried for him as he is a very important part of the family.

If we talk about the boy then he is described as a white juvenile male whose height is 3 feet 7 inches tall. The weight of the boy is 50 pounds with blonde hair and blue eyes. The boy was last seen wearing a Minecraft shirt, dark blue shorts or underwear, and sandals.

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Fruitland Police Searching For 5-year-old boy

Let us also tell you that the boy was also known for his nickname “Monkey”. He was last seen in the area of SW 9th and Arizona in Fruitland. On Tuesday, the search began just after one hour when the boy is missing from the place.

Now, the search by the Idaho State Police has been going on from the day when the boy is missing. Not only this but the search is going on by the local fire department, EMS agencies, a St. Luke’s chopper, and several local residents.

Also, drones help the cops to get some more details related to the entire area. The incident may be a kidnapping case that may take a huge turn later. This is the reason the police showing their full spirit to find the 5 years old boy. We will update all the information related to the incident and you just need to visit our website to get fresh results.


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