The much awaited Micheal Jordan’s documentary has finally made its appearance on the television. On Sunday night, The Last Dance was premiered on ESPN, and gawsh, fans were over the top excited and ready to relive moments of Jordan’s career and see some never seen before footage for the first time from Michael Jordan’s former coaches, teammates and friends. The NBA legend was also seen in the documentary having a talk about his career in NBA and how his decisions have taken him here.

The airing of the documentary was an early treat to the sports fans, as The Last Dance was initially scheduled for a June release on ESPN. However, with sports in the United States brought to a complete halt due to the COVID-19, it was a great time to cheer up everyone’s mood and it was released earlier on April 19. MJ’s documentary will be aired by ESPN from Sunday till 5 weeks. The 10-part series will be shown in the United States on ESPN & ESPN 2. The American television network will air two back-to-back episodes of The Last Dance every Sunday from April 19 to May 17, viewers in the US can tune in on the aforementioned channels at 9:00 PM ET or 6.30 AM IST the next day to watch the Michael Jordan documentary live.

The King Eternal Monarch

With the airing of the first two episodes, the Twitter was filled with the memes and appraisal for it and at the same time, the anticipation for the coming one. Let’s check the moments we have liked in the two episodes. The most endearing one will be the letter to his mother. During his days in Chapel Hill, Jordan wrote a letter to his mother, which said that he was in need of some money and asked for 20 dollars and some stamps. Like any other student he needed the money and sent his account number so that she could transfer the amount. The letter was well kept by his mother which she read aloud in the first episode, and became the most cherished memories of the time.

Jordan also recounted this wild, wild story during the first episode of “The Last Dance” documentary, which premiered on ESPN on Sunday night. It was the time of 1984 preseason his newbie year, when he strolled into a hotel loaded up with his colleagues snorting lines of cocaine, marijuana, and the company of women. However, Jordan left the place, thinking that the place can be raided anytime and said he was “on his own” after that. Before Jordan joined, the Bulls were a wreck, however Jordan was so committed to being extraordinary that he stayed away from the traps of the mid-80s NBA and without any assistance turned the team around.

The team’s perception about him changed very quickly once the season started. Jordan said he believed he earned his stripes in his third game, when he took over against the Bucks and toppled a nine-point deficit in the fourth quarter. “From that point, everyone on the team felt ‘this young kid is not going to let us lose.”

And, how can we forget about the drama that started in Chicago in the 1990s. Krause has been depicted as being hungry to take praise for the work that the Bulls players are placing in on the floor. Jordan, and Scottie Pippen, openly roasted and blasted General Manager Jerry Krause on a routine basis. Jordan was constantly picking on Krause for being short and overwhelming, while Pippen, who had grown aggravated with being underpaid after signing an ill-advised seven-year deal in 1991, “berated” and disrespected Krause on the team bus.

Krause’s image was so bad that, the crowd started booing its team’s general manager during a championship ring ceremony. As the first episode wraps up, Krause is the principal man presented for the Bulls’ fifth title festivity and the mocks are audible through the background music.

The peak of the subsequent scene is a second where Jordan’s legend as a NBA player truly got moving. Confronting the incredible Boston Celtics team that ruled alongside the Los Angeles Lakers for a decade, Jordan dropped a NBA season finisher record 63 focuses out and about in spite of missing the majority of the period with a messed up foot. His group just made the end of the season games as an 8-seed at 30-52. Which the former player and NBA coach, Larry Bird summed it up beautifully.


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