Unfortunately, a big accident has been come to the fore and shocked many people all over the world. The accident was actually very fierce in which twelve people lost their lives. Yes, they all are inside the van and suddenly their van overturned and flipped into a ditch on a highway in central Mexico. The officials reached the spot and analyze the entire situation which was very terrifying.

12 people die in Mexico highway accident

The accident was very crucial in which several people lost their lives. Many people searching to know more information about this horrific accident.

Mexico Highway Accident

Let us also tell you that seven people are still trapped inside the van and they are all dead on the spot. The emergency services reached to place but they were not able to save more lives. The accident was very fierce in which almost 12 people have lost their lives. Talking about the accident, it has occurred near the city of Lagos de Moreno.

The accident was already shocked many people worldwide and make everyone very curious to know more information related to this dreaded accident.

Currently, the police officers searching to find some more details and clues related to the people who met with this fierce accident. We will update our page when we get any detail related to this accident.

We know that many people are searching to find out if someone they know was traveling in the van. The accident occurred on a highway near the city of Lagos de Moreno, which connects the central states of Guanajuato and Jalisco.

Let us also tell you that some pictures have gone viral on the internet in which a big black van appeared toppled onto its side in a deep rut along the highway. Now, officials reached the place on time and secure as many people as they can.

Still, 11 other people from the deceased got several serious injuries and were hospitalized immediately. We will update or page when we get any detail related to this tragic news.


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