Meru Trayodashi 2021: Meru Trayodashi is being celebrated on Tuesday, 9 February. Meru Trayodashi fasting has a special place in Jainism. This festival of Jainism is celebrated in memory of Pingal Kumar. According to the Jain calendar, the fast of Meru Trayodashi is celebrated every year on the Trayodashi date of Krishna Paksha of Magh month. Lord Rishabhdev attained nirvana on this day and through him, Jainism received 24 Tirthankaras. Lord Rishabhdev is considered the first Tirthankara of Jainism. Tirthankara means to create a pilgrimage, a pilgrimage from Samsara Sagar to Moksha. Lord Rishabhdev is also called Adinath and he is the first Tirthankara of the current Awasarpini period.Meru Trayodashi

It is said in the Jain scriptures that the devotees who fast, meditate and chant on the day of Meru Trayodashi enjoy spiritual happiness and peace while enjoying all the worldly pleasures. It has also been said that for those who desire salvation, it is necessary to fulfill the resolution of 5 Meru. Devotees should chant the Mantham, Shrim Adinath Paramangatya Namah with 20 Navarkavali for this. The auspicious day of Meru Trayodashi is also known as the day of Nirvana Kalka of Rasa Dev. The festival of Meru Trayodashi is celebrated with great pomp on the thirteenth day of Magashir. On this day, the fasting devotees have to follow the same tradition for 13 years and 13 months.

On Meru Trayodashi, the devotee has to fast very hard in the form of Kovihar. You cannot accept food during this fast. If a devotee fasts on this day, he has to follow the procedure of donating to the monk. The devotee will have to fast for every 13th day of the month, for 13 months, and for a maximum of 13 years. Devotees keep Nirjala fast on the day of Meru Trayodashi without eating or drinking anything. To worship on this day, 5 Meru made of silver are placed in front of the idol of Lord Rishabhanath or Rishabhdev.

A large Meru is placed in the middle and 4 small Meru around it. After this, the symbol of the holy swastika is made. After this, Lord Rishabhdev is worshiped. The next day after the puja and fast, after chanting the Mantra, Hrim Shrima Rishabhdev Paramgatya Namah: Make a donation to a monk of the Math and then open the fast. So, all the devotees are very excited t take fast on this auspicious day. You will get lots of blessings and prosperity from God if you take the fast with a full soulful and pure feel.


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