Mercy Chinwo Engagement Full Video Resurfaces of Gospel Singer: We are delighted to share the news of Nigerian singer Mercy Chinwo’s engagement news. Yes, she is engaged now. According to the source, the popular singer from Nigeria shared the news of her engagement with her boo on social media just a while ago. Who is Mercy Chinwo’s fiancee or with who did she has got engaged? There are several questions like this that are being asked by her Nigerian fans. If you are also seeking the same detail or information then we have got ample details for you related to Mercy Chinwo’s engagement. You will get to read with whom she shared the engagement rings and how her fiancee purposed her. So scroll down the page and start learning about Mercy Chinwo’s engagement event. Follow More Updates On

Mercy Chinwo Engagement Video

Mercy Chinwo Engagement Full Video

As per the report, Nigerian singer Mercy Chinwo took over her social media handles to share this delightful news with her fans. Fans often recognize her as a Gospel music star who recently got engaged to Pastor Blessed Uzochikwa. Meanwhile, her fiancee also shared this news with fans on social media, both took over the social media to reveal the news of their engagement. Mercy Chinwo and Pastor Blessed Uzochikwa both took over their Insta handles and shared a string of their pre-wedding shoot pictures and confirmed that they are going to marry each other. What is the official date of their marriage? If you want to explore this news then take a look at the further section.

Ample pictures from their pre-wedding shoot have surfaced on social media, posted by them. Nigerian singer Mercy Chinwo also pasted a heartwarming caption on Insta while sharing her pre-wedding photos. The Nigerian singer captioned, “The thoughts of doing the further phase and the rest phase of my journey with you makes the blessing more real I love you, Sweet.” Kindly take a look at the further section to find out when they are going to tie the knot with each other.

Mercy Chinwo Engagement Video

Mercy Chinwo’s fiancee wrote, “I am the man the lord showed mercy, Yes! I love you dearly”. The Nigerian singer also published a video of her with her life partner in which her partner kneels down to take her approval for their marriage. Meanwhile, the news of their marriage date is yet to come out. The couple will also share the date of their marriage date soon.


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