Here, we are back with one amazing and brilliant daily soup that bringing the heat all over the country. The engagement level of the audience to the finest daily soup, Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali is very high. Here, we are providing a complete written update of the upcoming episode of the show. The episode begins with Mandar asks Pallavi to sign.

mehndi hai rachne wali 2nd september 2021

Pallavi thinks to talk to Raghav but Mandar is not leaving her. Suddenly, Pallavi says Mandar to keep these papers and show them in front of Lord Krishna for blessings. She says after that they both will sign on those papers and exchange rings.

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After hearing this, Mandar says why this is needed as they can do it right away. Pallavi says she will become happy if he does this thing. She further says there is no wrong with this and urges him to do it for her happiness. Mandar agreed with her words and says anything for her happiness.

Then, Vijay starts talking to Mandar and Raghav leaves from there, Pallavi sees him and follows him. In the next scene, viewers will see that Kirti and Sunny talking to each other and Kirti says after they are both married, they will enjoy or celebrate festivals like this with friends and family. She further says only a few people are available who avoiding the crowding.

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Then, Sunny says that if she thinks this house is small, it is too big. Kirti replies that it is cute but not big but she is okay with 2 bhk, Sunny says what 2 bhk. Kirti says yes they will live in their 2 bhk after their marriage, and Sunny starts thinking. After that, Kirti asks him what he is thinking.

Sunny replies that he is thinking about their new house. After hearing this, Kirti says not required and Sunny thinks foolish girl, he says after marriage there is no one who will stop him.

In the next scene, Pallavi asks Raghav where is her lawyer, why is he appearing so tense, and why does Amma look very scared. Pallavi again asks him what he is hiding from her but Raghav says that he is not hiding anything from here and says to trust him as he will do all good. Raghav says Amma is upset and she will settle soon.

After hearing this, Pallavi hugs him and feels the gun and then Raghav says he should leave. Now, Pallavi is very tensed and worried that what will be Raghav going to do. So, it will be clear in the upcoming episode of Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali. Don’t forget to watch the outstanding episode of the most prominent daily soup.


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