Here we are with a written episode update of your favorite serial “Mehndi hai Rachne Vali” of 21 June 2021. The episode begins with Pallavi and Raghav are in the car and they are searching for Sunny, Pallavi asks Raghav where will we going to find Sunny. Then Rhafgave tells ger that she can’t get there as he must leave Hyderabad and I’m pretty much sure about it. Meanwhile, Farhad calls them and tells them to come back home.

mehndi hai rachne wali


When they reach there they found Sunny sitting there. Then Raghav asks him what is he doing here and why didn’t leave this city. Suddenly Kirti comes there and she is about to hug him but Her mother and Rghav hold her and they stopping her to go to Sunny. After this Raghav use to yell at sunny then he tells everyone how Raghav forces Sunny to leave this city and also added that “he was got afraid of him that day but today I’m standing here in front of him and will not going to leave this city and his sister.

Raghav can’t buy you from me in Five crore amount as for me only Kiriti is important not money.” After this Sunny leaves and Kirti us to truant Raghav she says I expect this from you there is nothing to be shocked on”. And she leaves from there.

Later we will see that Pallavi also goes angry at him and she used to tell him that he must not do this to his sister. She asks him how can he buy someone’s love in money. What gives you had done is not acceptable.

You can come to me and we can find some solution. Then she also leaves from there. On the other side, we will use that Kirti trying to conceive her moither for Sunny but Raghav comes there and Jriti goes angry at him and she uses to taunt him.

But Raghav tells her to be calm and sit with him so that he can sort the things with her. Whereas Kirti denies sitting with him and sort the things. Later Pallvi and Raghav get romantic. After this Raghav goes to meet Sunny. The epiosde ends here.


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