The episode starts with Gearless Joe who has become the champion of Megalonia and made his name in the Megalomania championship. He has become the feared fighter as he suffered from the knockout loss and he decided to disappear for some time. He came back after 3 years and changed his name to “Nomad”. Now his will fight with the name “Nomad” in the Megalomania championship. Nomad heard the conversation of Chief about boxing match that they will call him Joe as they do not get over his old name and they will not call him by his new

Megalo Box Season 2 Episode 12

name “Nomad”. Chief asks Joe why did he changed his name and entered the ring with his gear. Chief asks him if he has done this to hide his identity from people. Chief also says that he has made his Gear with his son Carlo and whenever he misses his son he will be by his side. He says that they are a lucky charm for him and he doesn’t make any mistake while wearing them. Joe visits the hospital and recalls the words of Chief that he said that one day he will be in the ring. The doctor has a word with Sachio

regarding his headache of Joe. He says that Joe’s body is addicted to painkillers for years. Joe’s friend talks to him about the pills and asks him to stop consuming them. Then the doctor explains to them the pain that the boxers get several times. Ochio looks for Sachio as he is also worried about Joe. The boys say that Sachio went retrieved his belongings from Drunk Monk. The Nowhere team is curious to meet Joe and asks the doctor to meet him once. Ochio is shocked to know that Joe survived the attack

and still alive. Joe wakes up and tells them that he is fine now and will enter the ring soon. The upcoming match between Joe and Mac is a reason to get worried as Joe is not prepared to fight with Mac. Ochio asks Joe to promise him that he will not hide anything about his health. The team Nowhere decides to celebrate Joe’s recovery and Sachio visits Gym Nowhere to look at the work they have done. Mac has also been suffering from brain effects and undergone treatment. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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