A video of couples fighting in the Meerut market gone viral on social media. It is an incident of Uttar Pardesh Meerut where a couple is fighting and attracted the crowd in the street. The incident happened in a crowded area of Meerut central market. People were making videos of their fight before police arrived at the location. The couple identified as Adnan and Ayesha. Ayesha said in her statement that she is married to Adnan in February 2021 but soon she noticed some change in Adnan’s behavior. He used to abuse her whenever she shows concern in his life. Adnan used to assault her many times and started avoiding her. She neglected it but one day she decided to follow him to find the truth.

Ayesha chased him when he said he is going to his workplace. She saw him with another woman in a showroom. She called him and asked him to come outside as she needs to see him. He argues with her and denies meeting. Ayesha goes inside the showroom and confronts him. Adnan started shouting at her and the fight converted into a scuffle in the middle of the road. Ayesha came with some people and starting accusing him and beating him on road.  Adnan says in his statement that he wanted to divorce Ayesha and doesn’t want to continue this marriage.

He said that Ayesha threatened him several times that she will kill him. Ayesha says that Adnan misbehaved with her so she wanted to see him in jail. She doesn’t want to divorce him and made him suffer in jail. Adnan said that he filed the divorce appeal in the court and their case is still going on. Adnan also clarified that the woman in the showroom is just a good friend. After taking the statement from both sides the Police have said that the couple has some misunderstanding issues. They confirmed that the divorce case is underway but is yet to be cleared as Ayesha is not ready to divorce Adnan.

The police have filled the case on the recent fight that Adnan was with his female friend and he lied to his wife (Ayesha) when she asked him about it. Then she caught him red-handed and got upset. She started abusing and beating him on the road so legal actions were required to be taken. So they took them to the Police Station for the investigation. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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