A large part of the adult population is suffering from problems related to sleep, and many of them potentially have chronic insomnia. According to medical evidence, inadequate sleep is linked to anxiety, anger, and sadness.

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An analysis of the effect of Heartfulness Meditation on sleep issues fetches cheers to continual insomniac as they stay up to greet ‘World Sleep Day’ on 16th March 2018.

The fourth global guide of Heartfulness, Kamlesh Patel said that sleep is essential to help maintain memory, mood, and cognitive performance. He further noted that daytime alertness and memory are impaired by loss of sleep, mainly when it is sustained over a few nights and that meditation has become a mainstream practice over the years for many and the study on its impact on alleviating sleep-related diseases is very motivating.

By the comments of Dr. Raja Amarnath, although the body is at rest, yet the mind cannot unwind which is the fundamental cause of stress leading to sleep disturbances. He further said that training the mind to meditate by ignoring thoughts brings awareness of the present and creates a balanced state within, thus removing stress.

Relaxation response: There is a decrease in blood pressure, respiratory rate, and heart rate when in sleep. Meditation puts in similar types of physiological changes, except the fact that the person remains alert through the physical body goes into a state of deep relaxation.

Alleviation of depression and anxiety: Meditation ensures regularity of the mind, reducing depression and anxiety directly. This type of effect is seen both in advanced meditators and beginners. The brainwaves are stimulated similarly during relaxation, meditation, and different sleep states, encompassing deep sleep, boosting the Theta, Alpha, and Delta waves and decreasing the stress-associated waves of Beta.

When one is stressed, it takes a long time to fall asleep and usually it is disturbed sleep. During profound meditation on the heart, one dive deep into the layers of consciousness and one is less affected by the stress, thoughts, and emotions. So, sleep can be rooted, instantaneous, and undisturbed.


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