There are lots of leagues running in the world and every single comes with some amazing matches. The watchers of these leagues never missed a single match to watch and now, if you are not going to break your record so, there is another basketball match ready for all the watchers.

mbk-w vs est-w

Maybe, not many people like to watch this basketball series but this match is for those who love to watch every single match of the league and finally, the league is all set to entertain the watchers once again. Tonight, the EuroCup Woman is back with the match of team Ruzomberok Women (MBK-W) and team Estudiantes Women (EST).

It seems that both teams have played lots of matches in this league and tonight, they are back with another match once again. If you are eagerly waiting to watch this match so, you can buy the tickets of the match from the official website of the league.

Not only this but you will get more tickets for the upcoming match and finally, the next match of the league is all set to entertain the fans. Here are all the important information of the match including its time, date, venue, and lineups players. So, are you ready for tonight’s match here?

MBK-W vs EST-W: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Ruzomberok Women (MBK-W) vs Estudiantes Women (EST)
  • League:- EuroCup Woman 2021-22
  • Venue:- Koniareň sports hall ( Ruzomberok)
  • Date:- Wednesday, December 1, 2021
  • Time:- 09:30 PM IST

MBK-W vs EST-W: Team Squad

Ruzomberok Women (MBK-W):- Dominika Baburova, Zuzana Brezaniova, Eva Kmetova, Veronika Cernakova, Martina Stalvant, Stefanie Murphy, Josefin Vesterberg, Angelica Parker Nadia, Veronika Remenarova, Lucia Hadacova, and Nicole Enabosi.

Estudiantes Women (EST):- Nemanja Durisic, Edwin Jackson, Adams Sola, Felipe dos Anjos, Johnny Dee, Nacho Martin, Darel Poirier, Lucas Faggiano, Javier Beiran, Ignacio Arroyo, Hector Alderete, Emil Stoilov, and Nicolas de Jong.

MBK-W vs EST-W: Lineups Player

Ruzomberok Women (MBK-W):- Radka Stasova, Alexandra Buknova, Miroslava Prazenicova, Patricia Bura, and Teodora Turudic.

Estudiantes Women (EST):- Umo Diallo Diallo Dieng, Mariona Ortiz, Maria Espin, Nadia Fingall, and Melisa Gretter.

MBK-W vs EST-W: Match Prediction

As we can see the performance of the teams, it seems that the match is going to be more entertaining and tonight, both teams will come face to face and play this amazing battle. Both teams are in the Group J. Team MBK-W is standing on the 3rd spot with 5 matches where they won 4 matches and lost 2 matches out all the matches in this league.

On the other side, team EST-W is standing on the 2nd spot with 5 matches and they won 3 matches in this league. As per the expert prediction, team EST-W has more chances to win this match tonight.


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