MBI Boss Arrested: Why was “Tedy” Teow Wooi Huat MBI Boss Arrested? Charges Explained: On Friday, July 22, “Tedy” Teow Wooi Huat was arrested by the police in Thailand for the charges of money laundering. On the 22nd of July, Teow Wooi Huat was arrested by the police in Thailand over the charges of being in connection with money laundering. The police announced the arrest of the businessman by releasing their statement. However, the Police have not released the name of their sources, and those who have alleged the businessman. The police have not revealed the proof they have received against Teow Wooi Huat, which could make the authorities arrest the businessman, Teow Wooi Huat. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

MBI Boss Arrested

MBI Boss Arrested

It is not the first time when Teow Wooi Huat has been arrested by the police over some kind of charges, amazingly, he got arrested in the previous years too. In the year 2017, Teow Wooi Huat was first arrested by the police for the consumption of drugs and selling for a while, but after some time he was released.

Statement by the Police

According to the statement released by the Police, “Tedy” Teow Wooi Huat was arrested after he was found guilty of the charges of money laundering from the headquarter of his company in Dan Nok district, Thailand. The Police have said that “Tedy” Teow Wooi Huat is found to be involved in online gambling dens in Songkhla along with Nakhon Si Thammarat and the other regions of the southern area of Thailand.

Who is “Tedy” Teow Wooi Huat?

“Tedy” Teow Wooi Huat is a world-famous businessman who runs the MBI Group which is an entertainment complex. The MBI Group includes a resort that covers 40 acres of the area in the Dan Nok district. “Tedy” Teow Wooi Huat is an owner of the MBI International Sdn Bhd also manages a lot of businesses in Malaysia along with a mall that is situated in Penang. It is known that Teow Wooi Huat belongs to Penang, but there is no source to claim it is true or a lie.

“Tedy” Teow Wooi Huat MBI Boss Arrested

In the year 2017, “Tedy” Teow Wooi Huat was arrested on the charges of consuming and running the business of drugs. Later, in 2018, Teow Wooi Huat was fined RM3 million and MBI International RM2.5 million for using illegal methods of payment. According to the reports, Teow Wooi Huat has dubbed “Jho Low 2,” after the reference to Low Taek Jho who is accused of illegally taking out money from 1MDB.


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