Once again here is good news for you that you will get top-level entertainment beyond your expectations. This time we going to tell you about the ‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Episode 5 which is all set to release in the upcoming days. Here are the details such as release date, cast, spoiler and many more. Episode 4 got marvelous popularity and achieved such a huge number of views over the period of time. So let begin the article and get each & every key detail about it.

Mayor of Kingstown’ Episode 5 air

It is the paramount series and it stars Jeremy Renner, the show focuses on the McLusky family who has been trying to maintain peace in Kingstown for generations. The upcoming episode will bring numerous twists for you and there will be an outstanding thrill. You will see that Kyle McLusky will be questioned after the shooting incident in the city. Let move to the next details which are important to know about it.

‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Episode 5 Air?

As per the details, Mayor of Kingstown episode 5 is going to release on December 5, 2021. The timing of the release is available here and information says that it will premiere at 3:00 AM Eastern Time (ET).

Now talking about the streaming platform then you will get it that you will see that the Episode will available on Paramount Plus. It will be around 55-66 minutes duration episode and you will enjoy it for an hour.

Moving towards the spoiler which is an interesting moment and we will know that what we can expect from the upcoming episode. So according to the details, After prison guards humiliated the gang leader, the prisoners are expected to reciprocate. This won’t be good for Mike, who has pledged to maintain peace in Kingstown. The promo video is here and you can see it by clicking on the play button.

‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Episode 5 Release Date

Previously, we have seen that there are many things which were happened in the last episode. In the last episode, the audience have seen that Kyle (Taylor Handley) is going to become a father.

While you will be definitely surprised to know that Mariam McLusky has appeared in a promo video in which fans see her slapping Mike. The series is ready to amaze you all with the upcoming scenes. Stay tuned for more information.


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