WATCH: Mayor Cantrell Video – Mayor’s Office Responds To Viral Video: The Mayor of the LaToya Cantrell’s office has reacted to a viral video of a restroom of the Rob49 concert at the Filmore, where it can be seen that the Mayor of the LaToya is seen arguing with someone on Saturday night. Mayor Cantrell is seen to clash a woman in a video that has been circulating on all the social media platforms. In the viral video, the woman comes to Mayor Cantrell from behind and puts her hand over her face of Mayor, but he feels strange so she just holds the woman’s hand tightly. Follow More Updates On

Mayor Cantrell Video

Mayor Cantrell Video

Later the woman starts arguing with the Mayor. Just after a short while another woman enters the video and calms both of them down, and the video finally finishes. As it can be heard through the video, the woman who came, at last, says to the woman that she did not even know with whom she was arguing.

Reacting to the video, the Mayor’s Office of Communication has released a notice that says, that Mayor Cantrell was in a riotous condition while talking to the person, and before the discussion would have stretched so long the Mayor spoke to the woman that she revealed the entire matter why the argument started.

Mayor Cantrell’s Video Explained

The viral video was first shared by someone on Instagram, but later the video circulated all over the internet. Some Netizens are praising Mayor Cantrell for the way she handled the situation of the woman who was against her and was continuously arguing as she did not know that Cantrell is the Mayor.

It is not the first time when Mayor Cantrell’s video is circulating on the Internet, in which she is seen to disagree or argue with someone. One of the videos of the Mayor got viral last year in the month of September. In the video, Mayor Cantrell argues with a customer about some problems during Hurricane Ida at the Windsor Court Hotel.

Mayor Cantrell Viral Video

LaToya Cantrell is the Mayor of New Orleans of Louisiana, she was born on 3rd April 1972, in Los Angeles, California in the United States. LaToya Cantrell completed her graduation from the Xavier University of Louisiana. Cantrell is an American Politician. LaToya Cantrell is the very first woman from the entire American Politician who held the office. Before becoming the Mayor, LaToya Cantrell was a Member of the New Orleans City Council of District B from December 19, 2012, to May 7, 2018.


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