Rajkumari Pranali was in get up of karyagrah prahari and her mother sees her and ask her about that and she tells lie that she was just playing but her mother does not believe and says that she would not believe if raajkumari Garima told her the same as she has not played this game in her childhood so why she is playing it now.

Mandari buttering to this topic and says if she was gone somewhere or has come after finishing the task?. Rani Sahiba stops her and forces to Rajkumari pranali to say truth and finally, she expels everything that she was gone to jail to meet Dev just for humanity. she also said that she could not see a non- criminal person getting hard punishment.

Mayavi Maling, written episode, star bharat

Mandari says that i think pranali is not ready for marriage and still loves him. Pranali’ s mother clears her that she loves Angad and will definitely marry him.

Then all of  them go from there as pranali wants to change her clothes.
Mandari dreams that she goes to Angad to tell everything and he embraces her and romance with her but in actual she was clinged with a tree and everyone poked at her.

Then Angad goes to mayavi taalab and took a ‘ taaboot’ from there he took it with him in the palace and touch it for a while . Few black powers come out from it which makes his father awake and suddenly he starts laughing.

Tomorrow in Mayavi Maling:  The marriage starts and before ‘ fere’ Angad’ s father enters there, he knows the reality of Angad.

Will he stop this marriage to save Pranali as this is the only golden offer for her to be saved for whole life?


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