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‘Maayavi Maling’:- Pranali goes to her mother and tells her about her night and starts weeping. Her mother says that she should not worry about it and keep strong. It was just the first night and she has to live with him for whole life. Then she turns sad and says that how she grows she doesn’t feel it was like a few seconds and she gets out from the room. Aishwarya and Garima ask Pranali if she had packed her luggage as the time of exodus is approaching.

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Pranali says that it hasn’t come yet and she should not recall that now she is not a member of the family.
Aishwarya supports her sayings that she was not saying in this way but now she has two homes. They all get sad and hug each other.

Angad’s father and Pranali’s father meets and Angad’s father says that now he should call him as ‘samdhiji’ and he smiles. Then Angad’s father says that his health is fine it is just because of ‘Maling Sarovar’ as he used to drink that pious water when he was sick. He also adds that he wants to take it with him so that his internal diseases can also be cured and Pranali’s father agrees and says that he has given his daughter and he will give pious water of ‘ maling Sarovar’ too.

Pranali’s father drinks sarovar’s water and says a maid to fill pots for his samdhiji and she did. Angad’s servant was dressing him ornaments as they have to go for Mahapuram. But Angad was thinking about Haran and at the same moment he sees a reflection of Haran in the mirror and he gets angry. He picks a pot and throws over mirror and mirror gets broken.

Mandari was coming to Angad but she afraid when she sees him in anger, Angad calls her back and asks why she came. she says that she was coming just to ask whether her sayings have impacted on his night. He says that if you are too concern for me so why not you tell me earlier and Mandari says that she just told him the truth. Angad says her to be connected with him she takes it in other way and asks where and when they will meet. He holds her from shoulder and gets out from the room she gets happy on his touch.

Angad goes to his father and he was doing kathak he asks him to stop but he does not then he sees Madhumali and recalls there plan that they used Madhumali’s kaaya to prove Angad as not a member of Danav Vansh.

He says that she should stop it as his father’s body was melting and Madhumali says that now they don’t have his need. Suddenly they listen to a loud announcement about Pranali’s father entry.

Tomorrow: The time of exodus comes and all get sad while Pranali was leaving them. At the same time Angad’s father drinks ‘maling Sarovar’s ‘ water in thinking that it is drink and gets started melting. Everyone gets amazed.


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