It is the time for Pranali to say goodbye to her family.

As you know that Angad’s father is working on Madhumali’s gestures and he demands ‘maling Sarovar water’ from Pranali’s father.

Today’s episode starts with:-
On listening about Raja’s entry Angad hides Madhumali behind curtains and Raja enters the room with Maling Sarovar Water which he wants to give him. He says that he is very happy. Pranali’s father says that it seems that they were discussing some private issue so he will not take their much time as he was just there to give them that water and he leaves.

Mayavi Maling Written episode

Angad sees for if someone is coming or not and he closes the door. Madhumali comes out from the curtains and gets very happy about getting that water as their plan is to ruin Malings.

There Garima was very sad as her sister was going to leave them and Aishwarya consoles her that she should not be sad as every girl has to leave her home after getting married. She also says that she should not cry as she will also go there as her love is there and they should cry for her as she will be detached from them. Garima says that she also should marry Yuvraj Aragh and she runs and says that she will reveal it in front of him.

Garima gets slip and Angad’s brother saves her she asks him some questions and he gets confused and sad. There  Pranali was going to leave and everyone was sad and weeping, Pranali’s mother embraces her and everyone blesses her. Pranali’s father goes to Angad and says him that all relations run with trust. And trust lives with the truth.

Trishambhu takes a bottle from maling Sarovar water and drinks as he thinks that it is wine, but when he does it he gets melted and destroyed it was Madhumali’s plan and she gots very happy.

Everyone was very sad and Angad goes to Pranali’s father to ask him that whether he has founded that who have done that but he gets ashamed that he has no answer for that.
Then Angad says that he wants to do a yagya to give his father spiritual peace and he wants his permission. Pranali’s father agrees.

Angad goes to find the bottle and he sees Madhumali there and he says to her that she should not come there because once he will get power then she can do everything which she wants. But Madhumali says that now they have won and she wants to live as free not in a dark room. Suddenly Pranali calls Angad.


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