As we see in the last episode that Pranali comes and calls Angad.

In today’s episode of Mayavi Maling Pranali comes to him and at the time Madhumali hides and Pranali asks Angad that with whom he was talking and he lies that he was missing his father and was trying to call her as he has listened that after death a person’s spirit always roams. He embraces him and acts like mourning.

There Aishwarya was finding a book to find that what happened with Trishambhu. Garima asks her that how long it will take to find the book and she says that they have to find that book to save Maling. Pranali’s father was very sad as still he doesnot find criminal and he recalls all incident, he goes to everyone to enquire but all goes in vain and a sainik gives him news that they have failed to find the criminal as they have asked from everyone.

Aishwarya was continuously looking for book but she fails. Angad with his brother starts Yagya for his father’s spiritual peace and it gets completed. After Yagya Pranali’s father conducts a meeting. In which he apologizes from Angad as he was unable to find his father’s criminal. He gets ashamed as it was first time in Maling’s history that they were unaware of criminal so he takes all blame on himself. Everyone gets astonished and his mother tries to console him but he doesn’t pay attention. He also says to Angad to punish him.

Angad comes to him and everyone was curious but Angad doesn’t punish him and says to him to wait for more and says one day they will find him definitely. Everyone gets happy but Pranali’s father says he will not be king for more as he has failed to save Maling’s respect and he takes off his crown and says that he will announce their uttaradhikari tomorrow. And meeting gets end.

Everyone was disappointed and talks about it and one of the Pranali’s mother says that Maharaj should not do this as he has two more daughters but his mother says that they should encourage as they are wives of a great king. Aishwarya says what will happen next and Garima says that they should first find that bottle. Then Aishwarya recalls that bottle and goes to the place.

Chigu comes and Aishwarya tells him that she will tell him everything but firstly he had to help her to find the bottle and suddenly she saw the bottle then she says that they must go to Kalkivan now to find out for criminal in which she wants his help.

Tomorrow in Mayavi Maling:- Pranali’s father is going to announce the next king and Angad tries to console Pranali so that he could get Maling’s powers.

Now what will happen in Mayavi Maling :-
Will he get powers or some new drama will be there?


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