As you know that Mandari had told Yuvraj Angad that before marriage Pranali went to karyagrah. Angad rises her veil and asks her about the journey to karyagrah before marriage to Haran. Pranali gets afraid and starts weeping.

Today’s episode of Mayavi maling included the following.
This episode stats with Maharaj thanking Chegu and give gifts to them. He asks for sorry and Maharaj agrees and says him to not to worry and distribute gifts to Kalki people so that they give blessings to new couple ( Angad and Pranali).

Chegu says that he has not any gift to give him but he says that his friendship is everything for him and Chegu goes with his sayings that he will come when he will call.

There Angad forces Pranali to speak the truth and she says that she doesn’t want to start her married life with a lie so she will speak the truth. She says that she was gone to Haran to set him free as he was not a criminal and she couldn’t see a person getting the wrong punishment she says He was blamed for helping her. Angad asks for which work then she cries and Angad starts breaking the things. He leaves the room in anger and Pranali gets afraid that he will take the wrong step in anger. She calls him. But he goes.

Mandari says that she will awake them and clean the room well.
Pranali was scared that if someone will see her in this condition they will think that there is no love between them. Suddenly Mandari knocks on the door and Pranali gets afraid, she opens the door and asks her about Angad. Angad comes from bathroom and starts the romance with Pranali and asks Mandari for some time. She leaves the room.

Angad tells Pranali that he has forgotten about the past for a happy marriage life. And asks her to take a bath as they will go to Mahapuram. Angad thinks of Haran and goes to meet him. There he sees Maharaj was setting prisoners free to live a new life. Maharaj asks Angad that is everything right. He says I am proud that you are my father in law and I am here to see this great deed. He takes blessings.

Maharaj informs Angad that there is a prisoner named Haran whom he can’t set free as he was punished by Madhumali and if want only then they can free him.

Angad opens the lock of jail with his sword and frees him. Maharaj appreciates him and teaches Haran that now he should live such type of life so that he doesn’t need to feel inferior in front of anyone.
Maharaj asks Angad for his bodyguard and then says that he will be happy if Haran teaches his daughters about self-defense so that they could save themselves on need. Haran agrees for this and Maharaj gets glad.

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