Today’s episode starts with Shiladitya was going to held crown on Pranali’s head and suddenly Angad comes there and shows his anger. Everyone gets sad and afraid. Shiladitya performs Pranali’s rajya abhishek and makes her queen of Maling and blesses her. Angad says its his duty to congratulate her first and he gives Pranali congratulations and leaves. Shiladitya stops him and says that he wants to tell him but, Angad says that he was in preparations of becoming king of Maling.

But if he had changed his decision so he is not sad with that. He says that even earlier he wanted to see Pranali as queen and he asks same from the Pranali and she says yes. Angad adds that you are big for me in both age and experience so he will not deny to his wish. He says that its his kingdom and his decision, he could do anything which is his favorite but rajya abhishek is not a play. If he wants to give this offer to Pranali so he could but in front of all subjects but not in a secret room. He also adds that he wanted to see his wife’s rajya abhishek and wants to save this scene in his memory but he had snatched this opportunity from him. And he leaves, Shiladitya again tries to stop him and Pranali comes and stops his father.

Pranali says that she will console Angad but after getting every point to be cleared. Then Shiladitya tells her that Aishwarya had found that water was replaced and that water was replaced by a lady whose hands are similar to Madhumali. He says that when she was coming to some black powers tried to stop her which indicates that maybe Madhumali is alive and Angad was also known about it. That’s why he stopped him to be king. Pranali then says that on one side he says him to be happy with his husband and on the other side he creates negative thoughts in his mind about him. She asks Aishwarya that if she is fine and she says that yes. Pranali leaves.

There the news reaches to Mandari and she gets too happy as there will be a big drama. She says that now it is the time to see that what would happen when the subjects of Maling will come to know that they have a new queen now and they have to bow in front of her. She says that Shiladitya had made Angad fool. Then she goes to Angad and tries to provoke him. She says that Shiladitya had done wrong with him. He asks her that why she came to him. She replies that not only he, but they all are betrayed as the real opportunity to be king was of his son. Then she leaves. Pranali comes there and sees Angad sad, she shuts the door and put off her crown.


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