As you know King was asking from seniors that are they agree with his decision and they give them a positive answer.

Today’s episode of mayavi maling starts with all people accepting Angad as their new king and starts calling him king and Pranali’s father tells that his rajya abhishek will be held at evening and he prays to God to give him boon as a King of Maling and everyone gets happy. There Aishwarya and Chigu were trying to cross that wall but they were unable they also tried to break that but all goes in vain. Madhumali was getting very happy seeing them confused and disturbed and she always makes a high wall when they were flying too high.

Garima comes to his father and says she is annoyed with him and he asks for the reason and she becomes more angry that he is unknown of reason. She then tells him that she is angry because he shouted on him. Then he tells this decision is taken because he was unhappy as Pranali was leaving them and now its an offer for her to stay with Pranali and Garima gets happy and thanks him and says him that she did not tried to think upon it. She goes in curiosity to find Pranali.

Pandits take Angad with them in the jungle to get blessings of god and leaves him and says that next is an idol of god. He crosses a mist and reaches there. There was a great idol. He didn’t takes his blessings as he is a descendant of Danav vansh. When he gets back he sees Pranali there and gets afraid. But Pranali asks him that if he has taken blessings and he tries to console her by romancing and she stops him to touch her. Arag comes there and asks Angad to go back Mahapuram. Angad gets angry that why he came there and another brother also comes on this Angad gets too angry and shouts on them. Then he cools down and says that still he had to do few rituals for rajya abhishek so they get back soon. Arag asks for sorry and goes.

Arag then goes to Garima to clear her doubts but she does not listen. Pranali’s father was tensed and recalls about Aishwarya and says that why still she hasn’t come as time is arriving. He recalls his private conversation with Aishwarya in which she asked for his permission to go with Chigu to find the culprit and he allows her as he doesn’t want to repent later. He says to them that they have only one night and if they will not come with proof he will declare the next king.

Aishwarya and Chigu were continuously trying to break the wall but were getting fail as the wall was indestructible. Then Aishwarya whispers in his ears and he says no. She says to him that they have not enough time and he should go so that mishappening could be stopped on time. He gives her a khanjar.

Now what will happen? If chigu reach on time or Angad will be the king?
All this be revealed tomorrow so stay tuned with us.


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