Mayavi Maling 16 July 2018 start with Eshwarya getting hit and falling down. Everybody gets shocked. Garima Pictures the bow. Madhumali smile and tells I will show you what happens when children interfere in elder’s matter of fact. She attacks Garima. Maharaj and Maharanis run to protect Garima. Chegu comes there and blows fire of at Madhumali. Bhoomi cries for Garima. Chegu and Madhumali fly and assault each other by their strength. Angad looks on. He takes the bow and arrow. He says as per me thus arrow has pure and best water, everyone will see how it works. He shoots the arrow at Madhumali.

They all see Marekasur appearing there. They get shocked. Chegu looks on. Angad goes and opens his blue wings wide. He flies in the air. Everybody gets fully shocked. Arak gets scared. Adhivan holds him. Maharaj asks Pranali to live strong. Everyone looks on. Angad goes to Marekasur and salutes saying dad, I am very happy to meet you, you have please come here and made my work easy, powerful Marekasur, Madhumali comes from at the back. Maharaj says Madhumali is live.

They think how is this possible. Adhivan says such a big cheat. Madhumali says congrats to this son, I am really joying this to return to my avatar. Pranali holds-up Maharaj. Angad says my mum was immersed in the lake, you all thought she died, she came back as Kalindi, and you all welcomed her. Madhumali says who will stip me, these weak humans, inform me if you want to take revenge, till then I will fully enjoy the service. Angad says I know very well my better-half Can’t live both pestered with me for long. She says I will rest in my room for now. They go.

Everyone sit upset. Pranali says Mandhari shouldn’t have landed the hand Madhumali in the past. Mandhari taunts on Chegu to be an outsider. Pranali says stop it, Chegu proved that he is our well-wisher also, you didn’t do anything such, you can go. Mandhari goes. Pranali very thanks Chegu. Eshwarya laughs. Chegu says don’t thank me. Eshwarya asks how did you know about the attack. He says I only got to know and came here, now its clear that there are two Daanav Vanshi living in the place, will we do everything about it. Maharaj looks on. He says Angad is my son in law. Chegu says if you hive him here, I and my mother will miss powers, then who will defend Maling, everything will be destroyed. Maharaj says you are saying right, Pranali’s hands are stopping them from fulfilling their motives, Human quality is in big danger. Vaidehi asks Pranali where is she going. Pranali says I am about to meet Angad. Mandhari comes to Angad and Madhumali.

She says I helped you two. Madhumali hits her and smiles. She says I don’t need anyone, get out. Mandhari shouts no and runs out. Madhumali says I want to see the world getting scared of me. Angad says I will not a help Pranali is opening the mysterious door, this will make the lake dry. She says this will need a lot of years, you have to convince Pranali to open the doors so that we can destroy the lake.

He says I have made many plans ready, only Pranali should consent. They see Pranali Madhumali asks didn’t you get scared to come to us, are you sure that you are safe here. Pranali says better half would be always safe with her hubby. Madhumali goes. Angad holds Pranali and does a comedy. He asks why did you do this, why did you heart me, do you want to ask this. Pranali says yes, What’s our future now. Angad blindfolds Pranali and takes her to show Haran. He threatens to kill Haran before her. She gets fully shocked.


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