Another big news has been coming on the internet and a name has been trending on the internet. So, the name is Matthew Plummer who is currently facing charges in Dallas County Jail. The news has been shared by some officials on the internet and it went viral.

Matthew Plummer Dallas Arrested

Matthews was charged with heightened assault that forced bodily injury and a $20,000 bond amount. The arrest of the unidentified man has surprisingly attracted public attention. We wonder why this is the case. Learn what we know about the arrest of Matthew Pummer.

Matthew Plummer Dallas Arrested?

According to some reputed sources, Mathew was arrested with a regrettable assault that caused bodily injury. Prior to this, Matthew David Plummer was convicted for the third time for shoplifting.

On the charge brought to Kirkpatrick, the Beckley Police Department discovered Plummer with $60 in stolen socks at a Kohl’s department store in February 2020. Plummer is also arrested for robbery in connection to shoes stolen from United Way headquarters on Croft Street in 2020. The shoes were collected for underprivileged youth.

Matthew Plummer’s age is not popular precisely. Some sources list him at 28 while others at 18. Plummer was reportedly seen in the film on September 3, entering Laxton’s wrecker service and smashing into an impounded automobile. He has been arrested with the Laxton break-in but has not yet been tried.

What Happened to Him?

Plummer’s protection attorney, Stacy Fragile, implored Kirkpatrick to believe Plummer’s drug habit and condemn him to rehab. According to Raleigh Prosecuting Attorney Ben Hatfield, Plummer is done better than a prison sentence because he had several unsuccessful rehabilitation attempts to date.

Details about Matthew Plummer are not available to the public. Also, there are no details about them released by any new article. His information has been kept in the dark from the reach of any public media. Due to circumstances, we are not aware of his details.

If we guess, he must be from around Dallas, Texas. We can guarantee that he is a US citizen but are unsure of anything more. The case has taken lots of attention from the audience and many people continuously searching to know some more details related to this matter.


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