Massimo Riella Arrestato: Why was Massimo Riella arrested in Montenegro?: We are here with another update of Massim Riella who dared to escape from jail making the excuse to visit his mother’s tomb he took the advantage of this permit and ran away from the jail and he is now found & arrested in Montenegro. This news has now become part of the ten top headlines and people want to know detailed information about this news. If you are one of them so you are in a right place, we have gathered detailed information about this news which will help to clear your doubts. So, let’s have a look below. Follow More Updates On


Who Is Massimo Riella?

He is just 47 years old and he was arrested by the police because he was involved in criminal activities. He was the building contractor   As per information, he is married and has a son. His personal details are not revealed till now but recently he was arrested for a crime and he took the advantage of the police and made the excuse that he want to visit his mom’s tomb and he escaped and now he is again found in some other countries. We have mentioned the reason for his arrest below.

Massimo Riella Arrestato

He was the building contractor and he started facing losses he started doing robbery but once he was arrested in December for robbery & assault of an old couple. He went to their home and steal the things and when the couple saw him stealing he took the knife and assault them and ran away. Later he was arrested by the police. After an investigation, his father said his one friend is involved in such a crime, and at that, he was with him in his house and maybe he tempted him to do that crime.

Why was Massimo Riella arrested?

This happened on the 12th of March when five police officers gave him permission as he went to the terrace and protested to go to his mother’s tomb. When he arrived at the place and the police release his handcuffs he attacked the police officers and escaped. He escaped in March and with the help of his residents he successfully fled abroad. He managed to spend four months in the woods of Lario and now he is been arrested in Montenegro on 16th July Saturday. He was also helped by his relative who helped him to make fake documents and the police are finding him too.


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