WATCH: Maryam Nawaz Viral Video Leaked On Twitter And Instagram, Who Is She, Biography, Age, Net Worth: A video is about to release that will expose the vice president of PML-N (Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz). According to the source, video evidence has been received by the officers of the NAB and it will be presented in the courtroom. But what is in the video and why it is gaining so much attention from the people? As per the source, Maryam Nawaz is accused of possessing a mobile phone while in the custody of NAB and she has been filmed by a surveillance camera showing Maryam Nawaz surreptitiously handing over a phone to National Accountability Bureau or NAB. Follow More Updates On

Maryam Nawaz

Maryam Nawaz Video

Since this news surfaced on the internet, the Pakistani population has been stirred up and also become curious to explore the matter. We are here to give you all the available and reliable information about Maryam Nawaz’s controversial and unlawful possession mobile phone in NAB custody. Drag down the page.

Maryam Nawaz Video Leaked 

According to the report, a presenter of ARY News has shown the video evidence against the vice president of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz that is showing her possessing a mobile phone in the custody of the NAB. You may be wondering how did she manage to hide the phone from the officers of the National Accountability Bureau and who helped her in this unlawful act? We have answered these questions in the following sections.

Who Is Maryam Nawaz? 

The recently leaked video evidence shows that Maryam Nawaz is under the custody of NAB and she is held in a large room and wearing white attire. Further, six uniformed officers stepped into the room and started searching the room. After seeing the police officers in the room, the vice-president of PML-N Maryam Nawaz hid the phone in the pillow cover immediately and sit on it. As she managed to hide the phone successfully for a while policemen did not get anything.

Maryam Nawaz Leaked Video Explained

During the search for the phone, Maryam Nawaz was repeatedly yelling at the officers but the officers did not respond to her and continued searching for the phone as their electronic device was alarming that the mobile phone was inside the room. After searching the phone for a while, the officers of NAB found the phone inside the pillow. And it also has been found that Maryam Nawaz was helped by a female Punjabi officer to get the phone while in the custody of NAB.


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