Mary Mcgillicuddy Robinson Is Michelle Obama’s Mother? Death Hoax On Twitter: In 2022 there are still many people who are not aware of former US first lady Michelle Obama’s mother. Yes, there are rumors regarding the mother of Michelle Obama’s mother. According to the baseless rumors, Michelle Obama is the daughter of Mary Mcgillicuddy Robinson but her real mother is someone else which we will tell you later in this column. This is to make you educated on this matter and report to you that the rumors of Michelle Obama’s mother are hoaxes. Mary Mcgillicuddy Robinson is not the mother of the former US first lady. But how did this story start revolving on the internet and what added fuel to it? Let’s find out this in the further section of this article. Follow More Updates On

Mary Mcgillicuddy Robinson

Mary Mcgillicuddy Robinson Is Michelle Obama’s Mother? 

Reportedly, rumors regarding the death of Michelle Obama’s mother started back in 2020 when a woman named Mary Mcgillicuddy Robinson said in her last will that all her fortune and possessions should go to her son named Michael Robinson Obama but this news was taken wrong by some netizens and they started spreading news of Michelle Obama’s death. But Michelle Obama and Michael Robinson Obama both are different personalities who are not linked with each other anyhow. Still, many people are thinking that Michelle Obama’s mother’s name is Mary Mcgillicuddy Robinson and she has perished. Scroll down the page for more details.

Michelle Obama’s Mother Death Hoax

Meanwhile, many news websites also spread this baseless news without any verification and made it a breaking piece of news. All this started with the demise news of Mary Mcgillicuddy Robinson who died at the age of 84. And her last will added fuel to the rumors. Who is the real mother former US first lady or who is the biological mother of Michelle Obama? Kindly shift to the next section for further details and updates.

Mary Mcgillicuddy Robinson

Reportedly, the real or biological mother of 44th US President Barack Obama’s wife is Marian Shields Robinson and she is still alive and kicking. Kindly make it sure that Michelle Obama’s mother is not dead, she is alive and breathing. But many people believed that Michelle Obama’s mother was Mary Mcgillicuddy Robinson who passed away at the age of 84. While Michelle Obama’s mother turned 84 this year on 29th July. She was born on 29th July 1937 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Marian’s parents were African-Americans named Rebecca, Jumper, and Purnell Nathaniel Shields.


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