Another big news hitting the internet that Six-time Championship MC Mary Kom (51kg) entered into the Asian Boxing Championships final. As all of us know that she is a very famous boxer who made her name by her own efforts. Recently, she grabbed the position in the finals by taking a victory over Mongolia’s Lutsaikhan Altantsetseg on Thursday. The match was extremely exceptional in which Mary Kon win by her presence of mind and outstanding way of fighting. Now, Mary Kon finally enters the finals by grabbing the victory against the boxer of Mongolia.

Mary Kom and 4 Other Indians Enter Gold Medal Round

Apart from this, some other boxers also fight to get entry in the finals. Mary Kom won in a 4–1 split decision and Monika (48kg) also grabbed the bronze medal. If we talk about the national team then they already won five bronze medals. Now, they all are ready to compete for the gold medal for any toughest competitor. Now, the entire country is praying for Mary Kom and the team to grab the gold medal in Asian Boxing Championships. As all of us know that Mary Kom is a very genuine and amazing boxer who sees her dreams to fulfill them as soon as possible. Also, it may be also a dream of Mary Kon to hold the gold medal after winning the championship for the country.

The start by Mary Kom was extremely exceptional because she scored a 4-1 win against Mongolia’s Latsaikhan Altantsetseg to enter the gold medal round. It is cleared that the boxer gives a very fabulous start against the very toughest competitor but she very well maintains the entire match. After he successfully wins the first match then she starts testing the strength of the opponents and becomes aggressive in the second round. After reaching the third round, she kicks everyone out of the ring and stands alone as an amazing winner.

She beat the toughest competitor from Mongolia with her speed and skills which make her more powerful in front of a very amazing opponent. Now, she is ready to compete in the gold medal round also to grab the medal for the country. The fight that will be going to happen in the upcoming months will be exceptionally awesome and millions of people eager to watch the outstanding fight of one of the most prominent boxers in India. We will update here all the information that you are searching for. So, stay connected with us to know more details.


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