Who Is Mark Meadows Assistant Cassidy Hutchinson? Age, Husband, and Net Worth: We have received reports from the hearing that was a very hastily scheduled hearing and the purpose was to hear fresh evidence and the former Chief of State’s assistant Cassidy Hutchinson was going to testify before the House committee that was set up to look into the violence that happened at the US Capitol on Jan 6 in 2021. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Cassidy Hutchinson

Who Is Mark Meadows Assistant Cassidy Hutchinson?

Cassidy had an attorney who was in close proximity to Donald Trump, as per the sources that have been monitoring the situation, and even CNN had reported that Cassidy was going to testify and was expected to appear in the court in person. This all had to happen in the presence of the committee session.

A trusted source has confirmed that Cassidy was not willing to take the risk of being charged with contempt of congress and also obstruction of the investigation and the change in counsel had indicated that she was ready to co-operate and work with the committee to a quicker resolution of the case.

Who is Mark Meadows?

Cassidy was working as a special assistant to Mark Meadows who was the chief of staff for the former president of America, Donald Trump. The appearance of the assistant was very special and held a lot of relevance since it was the first time ever that a member of the White House was going to give public testimony. Cassidy has also testified on previous occasions as well for almost 20 hours in the span of three meetings with the investigation committee members.

She has given the supply of information on various operations that have taken place around the White House. This was done at the time when she was an assistant to Mark Meadows, who was herself at the center of the campaign, Congress, and the Department of Justice so that the results of the presidential election in 2020 could be overturned.

Who Is Cassidy Hutchinson?

The investigation committee had used an interview that was pre-recorded with Cassidy Hutchinson. It was to identify the members of the Republican Party that had written to Trump in the request for pardon. The evidence from her had revealed that Mark Meadows had received a warning on probable violence incident that happened on 6th January.

The use of an alternate elector system campaign was warned by the legal team of the White House, as stated by the assistant Cassidy Hutchinson. There were no revelations about her personal life and much is not known about her. All we know is that she is known to be a career-oriented person.


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