Is Mark Francois The Tory MP Arrested On Rape? Twitter Rumour Explored: A member of parliament from the United Kingdom was arrested on 17th May for an alleged rape and abuse assault in position. Mark Francois from the Conservative Party is accused of rape, sexual violence, and insulting his orientation. Mark Francois who was a member of parliament from Tory, was arrested for committing rape, and offending his position in the official committee of the public, in 2002, and 2009. He had served himself to the British Conservative Party as a conservative MP. Follow For More Updates

Mark Francois The Tory MP Arrested

Is Mark Francois The Tory MP Arrested On Rape?

Reacting to the investigation of accused Mark Francois for the rape, and misusing his position to a woman, the entire social media especially Twitter has been filled with so much abomination. One of the netizens reacting to news of Conservative MP’s arrest commented on a news post of PolitcsHouse said, the Johnson government is filled with lots of criminals.

According to the sources, the police acknowledged the allegations against Mark Francois in the year 2020 January. After the Police’s recognition of the case, they launched an investigation committee for 2 years. As per the reports, a notice was released by the British Conservative Party, that until the case would be under investigation the authority was not going to suspend the MP, and the case was handed over to the Central Specialist Crime Unit.

Whips Government had also issued a statement mentioning, that the investigation is commenced by the Central Specialist Crime Unit, Mark Francois is asked not to join the meeting in the parliament, and the Whips government did not wish to speak much about the allegations until the investigation concludes. It took a while for the Whips government to come to the conclusion whether to keep Mark Francois the MP or to suspend him from the post of Member of the Parliamentary.

Mark Francois is an Islington-born British Politician, who was born on 14 August 1965. He served in the British Conservative Party as an MP since 2010. Mark Francois got married to Karen Thomas, in 2000, but they got separated after their divorce in 2006. He has a residency in England’s Rayleigh, and Essex.

Mark Francois became a member of the Basildon District Council for the Langdon Hills ward from 1991 to 1995, where he worked as a vice-chairman of the housing committee. The first time, Mark Francois fought for the Brent East Constituency in the general election of 1997 and won the second position in the Labour’s Ken Livingstone. Mark Francois stood again in the elections of Conservatives’ Prospective Parliamentary candidate from Kensington and Chelsea, in the elections of 1999, but the election was won by Michael Portillo.


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