Mariyam Khan Reporting Live is the Indian tv serial that comes on star plus. Zaid comes and meets Mariyam. She says I am sorry but you came to our house and locked my brother. She says he first locked me in my room. Zaid says whenever you will come to my house, you will meet me. Zaid says let us go to eat samose.

Mariyam’s sisters talks and think Ramzan is getting started. Rehan calls small sister of Mariyam and she talks on the phone, suddenly she gets busy and hits the car. That car was of Zaid, he comes out and looks at her. She says i am really sorry and i will give your all money to repair your car. Police asks her to give fine of 5000. Rehan again calls her. Police snatch her phone too.

Mariyam Khan Reporting Live, written episode

She becomes sad and Mariyam thinks if Zaid would have complained about me then my mom would not let me go out of the home and today is function at school and i am going to take many photos. Zaid pays 5000 rupees to police and she says thank you to him. Zaid asks if she can drop her home. She denies.

Mariyam clicks the photo. Both sisters tell that today is fest at school. Their mother asks them to help her. They make fun of her and she becomes angry. Mahira goes and Mariyam’s father stops her. Nanhe and Zaid talks. Zaid looks for Amyra. They both meet and becomes happy. She becomes happy to see him. She says i do not have money to return you back but i will give you whole money back.


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