Marilyn Bonacheais the personality who is trending on the internet right now. People look out at her current place and wanted to know that where is she is right now. As per the news currently, she is in Florida City where she is working as a Consultant. Professionally she is a consultant but she got popular after getting in a relationship with Sal Magluta. He was leading the cocaine empire with willy in his time and was. In fact, he was a criminal.

Where is Sal Magluta Ex Girlfriend Wki-Bio

Just a year ago Bonachea was ready to become the witness against her ex-boyfriend Sal Magluta in the criminal charges against him. She was ready to become a witness in front of a 12 member jury.

She was suffered from depression for a period and currently Marilyn Bonachea taking medication to treat her depression and bipolar disorder after her arrest. Her treatment is under process and possibly she will absolutely okay after few days.

Furthermore, authorities put her into a witness protection program due to her concerns about getting better and revealed all the facts and truth she knew about Sal. Her boyfriend is also living in the same city as per the news.

Now it’s time to know briefly about the personality. According to her Linkedin Profile, she is the ex-girlfriend of Sal Magluta. She met him when she was worked at a Jewish Cuban Bakery. The Bakery was owned by the Sal Magluta family and run by them.

Sal Magluta’s ex-girlfriend Wiki Age and Biography

Name: Marilyn Bonachea
Age: 65
Gender: Female
Born: 1955 or 1956
Popular as: Sal Magluta’s ex-girlfriend
Relationship: Sal Magluta’s ex-girlfriend
Education: N/A
Born Place: New York
Family: N/A
Net Worth: N/A

Initially, she did not like him but later after when time passes Sal agreed to get her number. With the period of time, both got in a relationship but unfortunately, they broke up so soon. Marilyn is 65 years old right now and she was born in 1955 or 1956. The year is not officially confirmed and when getting surety about it we will update the info later. She was born in New York.

Talking about her Net Worth, so her total net worth is not yet defined officially and that’s why don’t want to miss lead you here with any assumption. Possibly she has a huge net worth because as she revealed that she has monthly wages as $5,000 to $8000 per month


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