Another shocking news has just arrived that makes everyone very emotional. A mother has died on a boat with her family in the Caribbean. Just after the news coming in front of everyone, several social media platforms flooded with lots of emotional tributes and heartfelt messages. The name of the mother was Mariely Chacon whose boat was shipwrecked. Let us also tell you that while she waiting for the rescue team, she drank her own urine and breastfed her children to keep them alive. Sadly, on 11th September, her funeral was held and live-streamed on YouTube. If you want to know the tragic story of the mother then here is everything that you need to know.

She drinks her own urine to breastfeed her children because she wants to keep her babies alive

Let us tell you that Mariely Chacon was a 25 years old woman from Venezuela. She went viral online after she was tragically killed while vacationing in the Caribbean with her 6-year-old son Jose, 2-year-old daughter Maria, husband, and nanny. She was traveling from Higuerote to the abandoned Tortuga island on a boat called The Thor but the boat suddenly broke down. The ship the family was aboard was hit by a wave on September 3, breaking its hull. This forced the family to board a lifeboat. When they all transferred to the lifeboat they spend four days on it.

They face many difficulties such as the hot sun and waiting for the help of the rescue team. Eventually, the lifeboat was detected sailing off La Orchila Island at 6:20 pm on September 6th according to the National Maritime Authority of Venezuela. However, the Coast Guard did not reach the lifeboats until 2:10 pm the next day, and Mariely had died, with children seen sticking to her body. Children are now being treated for dehydration and first-degree burns from the sun. The mother was lost her life while fighting from a very toughest situation of her life.

She drinks her own urine to breastfeed her children because she wants to keep her babies alive no matter what happens to her. The authorities stated that Mariely suffered from organ failure because of dehydration which was accelerated when she breastfeeds her children. Venezuela’s National Maritime Authority said that “She died three or four hours before the rescue from dehydration after drinking no water for three days”. It was 25-year-old Mariely Chacon who died in a way that made her viral. Her tragic story is appreciated by millions of people worldwide.


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