Breaking News: 19-year-old Dalit girl gang-raped. The girl was gang-raped by 4 attackers. The incident belongs to Hathras, Uttar Pradesh. The girl was shifted to the Safdarjung hospital yesterday when her health did not improve anymore and her father requested to shift her to Delhi hospital. The brave girl was tried to survive for justice. But she has been battle with life last almost for 15 days. When she was on the way to Sufdujung hospital her pulse rate was reached at 52. She has died in the Ambulance.

Justice for manisha


Previously the girl was treated under the eyes of Aligarh’s hospital doctors. But due to not improvement in her condition and According to the Aligarh’s doctors her tongue was cut and her Spinal cord and neck were broken mercilessly and due to these extreme injuries girl died yesterday. Dr. Fakhrul Hoda, the chief of the neurosurgery department at Aligarh’s hospital, earlier told ‘TOI’ that they are only able to do surgery on the Spinal cord when she gets some improvement in her condition and until any improvement, the surgery cannot be done successfully. Rapist Names & Images Of Hathras Rape Case

The family of this girl has been said that the four people belong from the upper caste in their village and before this harassment they also accused many girls and women but nobody had filed a complaint against them. The incident happened when the girl going to the field to cut the grass with her mother but when she was 100 meters away from her mother she was accused by the gang of four. The attacker dragged her by a ‘dupatta’ and took her to the bajra field before assaulting brutally. The mother of the accused girl said in a statement that “I was sitting 100-meter from her. I could have saved her. I wish I wasn’t hard of hearing,”.

The accused — Sandeep, Ramu, Lavkush, and Ravi — have now been arrested and booked for rape and murder. Relevant sections of the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act were also evoked against them. These four should be treated under the Indian sections and should be punished for this crime. It is not acceptable in any manner. The family claim that Sandeep is an alcoholic and regularly bullying the lower caste women.

As per the doctor’s statement, the spinal cord was permanently damaged and because of dragged mercilessly she had injuries on the neck also they cut her tongue. It is the serious opposite of humanity. Just think about it when this all shit stopped in our country and our slogans to save girls is really wasted and not in any manner until these type rapists are among us. Once the brutal actions would be taken maybe the Rape cases could be stopped.


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