Lotteries are banned in most states like Delhi but in some states, the state government itself conducts the lotteries in order to gain some financial stability. People are always looking to become rich without doing anything and yes they become so interested in this lottery concept that they purchase the tickets to check and try their luck. States like Punjab, West Bengal, Nagaland, Assam, Manipur, Mizoram, and Meghalaya have made the lotteries legal. If you want to check out the Manipur Singam Tagetes Morning Lottery Results then we will keep you updated with all the winning numbers.

Manipur Lottery Results Today 12.06.20

Singam Tagetes Morning Lottery results 12June 2020 will be announced on the official website of Manipur lotteries. We also update the results here but we advise you to cross-check the results from

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Manipur Singam Tagetes Morning Lottery Results/Winners


The lottery involves the buying of lottery tickets from the authorized lottery distributors. Anyone who is the resident of the state can buy tickets at a reasonable price. People in the wake to test their luck buys the tickets and if they become lucky then they also win the exciting prizes and become rich in one day. The first prize of the lottery is said to be Rs 27 Lakhs which in turn is a great amount.

There are three lotteries which are conducted by the Director of Manipur Lottery. One lottery is scheduled in the morning at 11:00 am which is called Manipur Singam Tagetes Morning Lottery. Then at 3:00 pm, they announce the result of Manipur Singam Vinca Day Lottery and another at 7:00 pm.

We wish you luck and may you win this lottery. In case someone wins the lottery then they have to download a claim form offline or online. Then they have to fill and submit it to the Director of Manipur Lottery. The winner also needs to submit a photocopy of the ticket which they have to get attested by the Gazetted office. Also, they need to submit their three passport size photos. Once verified, the person will be paid the lottery winning amount by the method of cheque or DD after deducting the necessary taxes.






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