Do you want to get rich? Even earn money in a minimum time then you should go for this method. Yes, we are talking lottery where you have an extreme level opportunity to become rich in few hours. Not a hoax but it is a truth and even many people have tried their luck on it. Most lucky persons won the lottery and won huge prize money. It is Manipur Singam Ursinia Lottery which has an extreme level opportunity for the participants who can win huge prize money through this lottery. Let’s discuss complete information by exploring each detail briefly.

Manipur Lottery Result

The Ticket face value is only Rs 6 per ticket and anyone who wants to participate can purchase the lottery ticket. After seeing the price of the ticket you can’t imagine the prize of through this lottery. As per their details, there are huge prizes and consolidate prizes also. Along with it, there are three different timings so you can participate in this lottery three times a day. Even the result of Manipur Singam Ursinia Lottery Results comes at three various timings. Let have a look at it.

Manipur Singam Ursinia Morning Lottery 11:00 am

These three timings are 11:00 am 03:00 pm and 07:00 pm. The Morning timing is 11:00 am and Manipur Singam Ursinia morning Lottery came at this timing. You can check the morning lottery on this website.

Manipur Singam Ursinia Evening Lottery 03:00 pm

This is the evening time of the lottery and you can get the result here with the latest updates. If you have a lottery number then check your number in the available result.

Manipur Singam Ursinia Evening Lottery 07:00 pm

This is Manipur Singam Ursinia Evening Lottery which will come at 7 pm. The lottery result brings all the lottery numbers including details about lottery winners.

Talking about the Prize money then we want to tell you that the first prize is ₹ 27 lakh. The second prize is ₹ 5,000. The third prize is ₹ 1000, the 4th prize is ₹ 700, the 5th prize of ₹ 500 whereas a consolation prize of ₹ 10,000 is also given to lottery ticket holders with matching serial numbers. The remaining information about the prize money will be available later. You can ask any question related to your query. We will try our best to guide you and tell you the answer to your question.


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