The Basketball Champions League is back with some popular matches of the league. The league has been already started this year and introduced some amazing matches for the fans. Lots of people love to watch the matches of the league because there are lots of teams and each team has some amazing players who have played some genuine and brilliant matches for the fans.

man vs sow

Like all days, the league will introduce one more match for the fans and we will get to see team BAXI Manresa (MAN) and team Slask Wroclaw (SOW) on the basketball court. Are you excited about the upcoming match tonight?

MAN vs SOW Live Score

Let’s move towards the details of the match which is also important to share those who is going to watch this match tonight on the basketball court. There will be lots of amazing players in this league who have played some fantastic matches before and once again, they are excited to show their talent to the fans.

Most of the players have already played matches under this league and it seems that the match is going to be a tough match for both of the teams. There are 8 groups in this league from A to H and each group has 4 teams which means that the league has 36 teams.

MAN vs SOW: Match Details

  • Team Names:- BAXI Manresa (MAN) vs Slask Wroclaw (SOW)
  • League:- Basketball Champions League 2021 to 22
  • Venue:- Hala Sportowa Stal
  • Date:- Tuesday, December 7, 2021
  • Time:- 11:00 PM IST & 05:30 PM (GMT)

MAN vs SOW: Team Squad

BAXI Manresa (MAN):- Luke Maye, Musa Sagnia, Dani Garcia, Janis Berzins, Paul Ater Maker Bol, Chima Moneke, Dani Perez, Guillem Jou, Ismael Bako, Rafa Martinez, Toni Naspler Peraire, Yankuba Sima, Sylvain Francisco, Marcis Steinbergs, Joe Thomasson, and Elias Valtonen.

Slask Wroclaw (SOW):- Roland Denzel Andersson, Jakub Wojciechowski, Kobi Simmons, James Palmer, Igor Wadowski, Damian Kulig, Kamil Nawrot, Lukasz Wojciechowski, Trey Drechsel, Jaroslaw Mokros, Michael Young, Michal Pluta, James Florence, Markus Loncar, and Aleksander Zalucki.

MAN vs SOW: Lineups Player

BAXI Manresa (MAN):- Chima Moneke, Rafa Martinez, Guillem Jou, Joe Thomasson, Elias Valtonen, Dani Perez, Ismael Bako, and Luke Maye.

Slask Wroclaw (SOW):- Jaroslaw Mokros, Michael Young, James Palmer, Igor Wadowski, Roland Denzel Andersson, Kobi Simmons, Damian Kulig, and Trey Drechsel.

MAN vs SOW: Match Prediction

Some of the matches have already been seen before and fans are excited to watch this match tonight. Both teams are in Group B and Team MAN is at 1st spot with 4 victories out of 4 matches and on the other side, tea, SOW is at 4th spot with 4 matches and has just 1 victory. It can be cleary seen that team MAN has more chances to win this match tonight.


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