Man Shot Dead in Pretoria Another robbery news has been hitting the internet in which a man has lost his life after being shot by four robbers. So far, a manhunt has been launched for all the four robbers who shot and killed a man in his Cullinan home, Pretoria. On Friday, the Pretoria police confirmed the incident that is actually very heartbreaking. As all of us know that people are crossing their limits to earn money. The robbery that took place has taken a life of a person not only the money and other expensive things.

Man Shot Dead in Pretoria

According to the sources, a group of men has entered the house in the early hours of the morning to rob the expensive things in the house. Later, things goes wrong and the robbers killed the man who was the owner of the house. As per the sources, all the four robbers were shot multiple times at the man and he immediately lost his life after getting shot by several times. Now, the incident has taken much attention from the audience and everyone just wants to give justice to the man who lost his life for no reason in the early hours of Friday.

Man Shot Dead in Pretoria

Talking about the official statement of the police, Johannes Jafta come in front of the media and state some key details about the incident. It has become a very serious happening that taking lots of rounds on the internet because people taking a stand for the man who was killed by four robbers for no reason. Let us tell you that Johannes Jafta said “They were confronted by the robbers in one of the rooms downstairs. He was shot several times on the upper body. They then took his wife through the house, tied her up, and demanded money and some jewelry”.

So far, the officials are not able to arrest the robbers as they all fled to the scene. Now, the investigation is going on and many people are eagerly waiting to know the result of this incident. It is not acceptable that four robbers went to rob, but came out after killing one man, as he stops them to rob his house. Now, we will update all the information related to the incident when we get any. You just need to stay connected with us.


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