A piece of very shocking and terrific news is coming from Budh Vihar, Delhi that a husband killed his wife by stabbed a knife in her stomach. The crime happened by the husband on Saturday, 10th April 2021 at 1:45 PM. The murder record in the CCTV footage and the husband who allegedly killed his wife arrested by Delhi Police. The F.I.R. registered in Vijay Vihar Police Station and the accused also arrested by the police. The video recorded in the CCTV went viral on social media and many people sharing the videos and pictures with their friends.

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The wife who allegedly killed by her husband left her breath at the spot just because of his blows. The name of the accused is Harish Mehta and the name of the wife was Neelu. Harish Mehta has a marriage bureau and he living in Budh Vihar Phase-1. The reason that causes the incident is Neelu has some illegitimate relationship with some other person who working with Neelu. After Harish knows about his wife then his anger breaks upon his wife today and he allegedly killed his wife by stubbed the knife almost 16 to 20 times.

Let us also tell you that when Harish killing his wife then lots of people walking away from the place but nobody helps the woman and stopped Harish. Even many people looking from their shops but nobody stops Harish to save the life of Neelu. It is actually the worst day for humanity because everyone is just watching the crime and not even tried to stop it. A case of murder has been registered against him under Section 302 of the IPC. The Delhi Police investigating the entire incident and trying to finding the truth behind it.

Nowadays, the crime rate in Delhi highlighting very much because recently a guy Farmaan allegedly shot dead by two unknown persons. Now, the incident that happened today, is beyond the expectations because nobody even thinks about the crime. Everything that happened today was very sudden and the entire residence of the street and district is shocked after hearing the saddest news. Delhi Police investigating the matter and want to know the actual reason behind Harish allegedly killed his wife. Stay connected with us to know the real truth behind the crime.


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