An incident has captured in-camera where a man wearing a PPE kit was seen throwing a body from a bridge into the Rapti river in UP’s Balrampur district. This is the shocking incident that has been captured in-camera. The video has also been shared on social media where two men are seen throwing a body into the river in the Kotwali area of Balrampur. One man was seen wearing blue jeans & a black shirt, and another one was wearing a PPE kit. When the matter reached to Police, they investigated the case and found that the victim is Premnath lives in Sidhharathanagr. The video went viral on 28th May and police started the

Man in PPE Kit Throw Body Into River in UP's Balrampur

investigation on the case. A source has confirmed that the Chief Minister Officer of Balrampur has stated that, Premnath was admitted to the hospital on 25th May where he tested positive for COVID-19. His treatment was underway in the hospital but his condition was not stable on 27th May and he died on 28th May morning. The hospital informed his relatives and handed over the dead body to them for the final cremation. But, the dead body of Premnath has thrown in the river by his relatives. In the viral video, a man who was wearing the PPT kit is trying to throw the body with the help of a man.

Multiple incidents occurred in UP where the bodies buried in the sand along the banks of river Ganga. Hundreds of bodies have found disposed of in this kind of circumstance. Most of the bodies are found wrapped in the clothes and delimit with bamboo sticks. These incidents ha been noticed for the last 15 days in state Uttar Pradesh. After the investigation, it has been found that the dead bodies buried before the second wave of COVID-19 in the state.

A priest has been stated that he is burning 8-10 bodies each day at the bank of Ganga. Now the people are burying the dead bodies without performing the cremation ceremony. Inspector General of Prayagraj, Mr. KP Singh has said that the COVID-19 victim’s last rites are performing on the Phaphamau Ghat and none of the bodies of COVID-19 victims have buried in the sand. The area near the Ganga river is under observation and no dead bodies are immersed in the river Ganga or Yamuna is confirmed by Police and State Disaster Response Force. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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