Currently, Tamil Nadu is coming into highlight because of social media. As everyone knows that social media is a very powerful platform where any person will get popularity and very huge fame in just one night. Now, another news hitting the internet that socialism will Marry Banerjee this Sunday in Salem district of Tamil Nadu. Now, the upcoming wedding in Salem district coming into highlights and become a talk of the city as an invitation card went viral on social media. Millions of people sharing the card and keeping their eyes on social media when the invitation card hits the internet.

Mamta Banerjee To Marry Socialism

Mamta Banerjee Wedding Card Goes Viral

The news is sounding might bizarre but it is true that socialism and Mamta Benerjee are actually getting married this Sunday. Many people are confused with the names because the same name is containing by the 9th and current Chief Minister of West Bengal since 2011. But, when the incident comes into highlights then all the people get the confirmed information that the couple who going to marry this Sunday named Socialism and Mamta Benerjee. They were both garnering a lot of attention from people across the country and lakhs of people were regularly updating more information related to the incident of invitation cards going viral.

Let us also tell you that Socialism is the son of Salem Communist Party of India’s (CPI) district secretary, A Mohan. Apart from this, Mohan has two more sons whose names are Communism and Leninism. The family of Mohan traditionally the following Communism and in 2016, he contested from the Veerapandi constituency on behalf of the People’s Welfare Alliance. Now, the son of Mohan going to tie a knot with Mamta Banerjee who was earlier with Congress Party. Now, they both are ready to take the next step in life together.

Apart from this, Mohan and his entire family is a very hard supporter of CPI and also his sons and future daughter-in-law also hardcore Congress supporters. The bride was also named after the West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee because she was earlier with the Congress party. Now, she is going to make her life more precious by stepping into a new family with her new lifeline. Our beautiful wishes to the couple. The invitation card of Socialism and Mamta Banerjee went viral on various social media platforms and millions of people looking forward to knowing more details regarding the current incident. Stay connected with us to know more information related to the current updates.


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