Are you excited for another match in the Basketball Champions League? Well, the league is known for introducing some of the best matches in recent days, and once again, the league is all set to introduce one more match of the day. Are you excited about the next match? According to the sources, team Baloncesto Malaga (MAL) and team BAXI Manresa (MAN) will face off each other on the football ground and fans are too excited to watch the next? The battle will begin in just a few hours and if you are also excited about this so, keep reading this article to get more details.

MAL vs MAN Live Score

Through this article, we will share some most important details of the match including its date, time, venue, league, and lineups players of the match. Those who are going to create their own team in the Dream11 and Fantasy app, can choose their best players and now, the match is about to begin in just a few hours. If you are also excited to watch the match so, you can buy the tickets on the official website of the league where the tickets for upcoming matches are also available to watch.

MAL vs MAN: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Baloncesto Malaga (MAL) vs BAXI Manresa (MAN)
  • League:- Basketball Champions League
  • Venue:- Palacio de Deportes José María Martín Carpena (Málaga)
  • Date:- Wednesday, April 13, 2022
  • Time:- 12:00 AM IST

MAL vs MAN: Team Squad

Baloncesto Malaga (MAL):- Cameron Oliver, Carlos Suarez, Jonathan Barreiro, Ruben Guerrero, Dario Brizuela, Ruben Vicente, Matt Mooney, Alvaro Folgueiras, Mario Saint Supery, Jaime Fernandez, Tim Abromaitis, Yannick Nzosa-Manzila, Dejan Kravic, Alberto Diaz, Axel Bouteille, and Francis Alonso.

BAXI Manresa (MAN):- Yankuba Sima, Toni Naspler Peraire, Marcis Steinbergs, Guillem Jou, Joe Thomasson, Elias Valtonen, Chima Moneke, Rafa Martinez, Dani Perez, Musa Sagnia, Dani Garcia, Juan-Pablo Vaulet, Paul Ater Maker Bol, Sylvain Francisco, Luke Maye, and Ismael Bako.

MAL vs MAN: Lineups Player

Baloncesto Malaga (MAL):- Jaime Fernandez, Yannick Nzosa-Manzila, Dejan Kravic,Francis Alonso, Tim Abromaitis, Dario Brizuela, Alberto Diaz, and Axel Bouteille.

BAXI Manresa (MAN):- Sylvain Francisco, Ismael Bako, Yankuba Sima, Joe Thomasson, Elias Valtonen, Chima Moneke, Rafa Martinez, and Luke Maye.

MAL vs MAN: Match Prediction

Both teams are going to play their next and it will be amazing to watch that which team will perform better on the football ground? Well, they have already played lots of matches before and going to play their finals in the next few days. As per the experts and predictors, team MAN has more chances to win this match against team MAL due to their performances and players in the matches.


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