We have been reporting some trending news over social media and people are going much excited to know about one more people who is still circulating on social media. Currently, a name Makis Katmetzoglou is surfing all over social media because of her recent video leaked.

Who is Makis Katmetzoglou

According to the sources, the lady is reported an 18-years-old teenager who is responsible for uploading a Tounti’s Pink Video. Now, the video is going more viral on social media and netizens are rapidly sharing this news on platforms.

Makis Katmetzoglou Leaked Video

Now, the clip of a girl is circulating on Instagram and Facebook. As per the sources, Tonii is s 18-years-old girl when she met Katmetzoglou and since then, the incident has become one of the hot topic on social media. More information is available here and check out all the latest updates regarding to the leaked video of Makis Katmetzoglou.

According to the reports, a few hours, a teenager known as Loanna Touni informed all the netizens through her Instagram account where she refused the reports claiming Dimitris Fintrikos delivered her pink video on social media. Along with this, she also took the name of the person who made the video contain explicit content.

She also mentioned that it is a vendetta video that has been shared on social media platforms later. She also said that it is heartbreaking that her name has become a hot topic on social media once again due to a bad reason. Later, the netizens revealed that the video was not uploaded by Dimitris Fintirikos but Makis Katmetzoglou made this video publicly in revenge.

Who Is Makis Katmetzoglou?

Well, the face of Loanna Touni can be easily seen in the video when was physically engaged with the man in the video and everything has been captured. She later said that Katmetzoglou can even sue her after the video leaked and right now, she doesn’t have any evidence to prove all these allegations on social media.

Many are now trying to get the video from social media platforms but it seems that the video has been removed from all the platforms. Along with this, Makis Katmetzoglou has become a hot topic of social media since the last day and due to this, many people are managing to check her out and search about her. Well, we don’t have many details about an 18-years-old teenager. Stay tuned for more updates.


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