If you think being overweight or obese has not caused you any heart conditions or diseases yet, you need to give it a thought again! According to the latest study that consisted of 300, 000 people has come with the results that unhealthy weight gain can get you into the risks of heart diseases like heart strokes, heart attacks, and high blood pressure as well.

When your body mass index (BMI) increases above 22-23 kg per square meter, your risk of getting heart and blood vessel problems also increases, as reported in the  European heart journal.

According to the findings, the risk of heart conditions also increases at a tremendous rate when a person carries more amount of fat in his or her waistline.

healthy weight, BMI, Less weight less stroke chances

Stamatina Idiiodromti, the lead researcher from the University of Glasgow in Britain, stated that “by maintaining a healthy BMI of around 22-23 kg per square meter, healthy people can minimize their risk of developing or dying from the heart diseases.”

Although this information is not something new that being overweight can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases in a healthy person along with other diseases such as cancer, there have been some studies that have relevant studies as well otherwise.

This is considered as the “obesity paradox.” Regardless, the new study refuses to acknowledge these problems right and conflict the findings what so ever.

Idiiodromti explained that “any public misconception of a potential protective effect of fat on heart and stroke risks should be challenged.” She also added, “This would be the largest of the studies till date that has provided evidence against the obesity paradox in the healthy people.” It is recommended to stay healthy and in the healthy weight to stay away from health problems like heart diseases, etc.



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