The decision made by the Maharashtra government fell heavily on themselves. As per Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announcement, which said that certain regions which detected lower cases of virus or do not come in the hotspots of Covid-19, shall be provided with some relaxations. As per that, the Maharashtra’s administration on Monday, rolled out certain relaxation to test whether people adhere to social distancing or not in some areas of Mumbai and Pune. However, on the very second day they have to take back all the liberties from the people as it was creating unnecessary crowding.

On April 17, state government had issued an order which stated that ecommerce companies, electrical and electronic deliveries, sweet shops and confectionaries, courier services, activity related to agriculture products, restaurants with take away and construction activity where workers would be housed near the construction sites will be allowed with vital checks. However, soon the state and Mumbai Municipal corporation had to revise their orders and withdraw all them since a major number of people were stepping out of their homes, some even without any reason.

Maharashtra government

The new order read as “In view of the large number of people commuting, because of the relaxation issued vide order dated 17th April 2020 and also the imminent threat of further spread of the pandemic it is hereby directed in so far as Mumbai Metropolitan Region and the Pune Metropolitan Region area is concerned the orders issued on 17th April 2020 shall not apply. The position prevailing prior the issuance of 17th April 2020 shall be reinstated.”

Now, e-commerce delivery is only made limited for essential commodities which includes food, vegetables, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment. The IT companies are asked to close their offices and let their employees work from home and the newspaper distribution is halted as for now.

Maharashtra has been in the top of all states since the virus began to creep in India. With over 5000 cases alone in the state, 789 are recovered along with 269 deaths, Mumbai has been severely hit with 3683 cases and second Pune with 805. Now, the question arises, why these cities have given the relaxations when the situations are worst at the moment. Because, these trial and errors are only not going to impact the situation badly but can worsen it even more.


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