A 55-year-old man was shot dead at the wedding in MP’s Mandsaur. On Monday night an incident happened in which a man was shot dead at a wedding. The wedding took place in the Basoda Mandi area of Mandsaur in Madhya Pradesh.

man shot dead

The incident went viral over the internet and people now looking for the video of this incident. Here is the complete report that you should read and you will get all the details including the police statement.

Men Chanting ‘Jai Shri Ram’ Shoot at Crowd in MP

According to the news, three people have been arrested by the police. But the main accused Shailendra Ojha is still at large. The FIR has been registered as a case of murder. There is a total of 11 people who are lodged in this case in which the name of 9 people is available in FIR. The death cause has been found and he was died because of shot dead by the gun.

Reports say Villagers and family members of the victim blocked the movement on Shamgarh Dwarahat road and staged a protest with the body of the victim. Family and villagers want justice and demand that police immediately arrest all the accused and compensation as well.

The protestors were on the spot till late at night. However, the late-night Superintendent of Police reached the spot and assured the people. He cleared the spot and told protestors to go back to their home.

The dead body of the deceased person was handed over to the family on Monday evening. The body came from Kota Hospital. Devi Lal who has shot dead at the wedding rushed to the Kota hospital after the alleged incident. but unfortunately, he died. Rampal Singh was convicted on several charges, including that of murder, and has been sentenced to life in prison without any pardon.

The investigation is running over the matter and many more updates about the case will come in this article. We will add many more things when we get any info from Police statements or further updates from the deceased’s family.

Definitely, police will take strict action in this case and the accused will be in jail after the completion of the investigation and judgment of the court. Stay tuned for more information. We will add many more details in the upcoming days.


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