Today’s episode starts with:- Aishwarya was too happy and in hurry, she strikes with her mother. She thanked her as she had allowed her to go outside to see the beauty of nature. She adds that she had not seen these beautiful scenes earlier. But her mother’s expressions were not favorable and Aishwarya thinks that she is annoyed with her as she gets late. Bhairavi took her to a room and asks that why she has gone with Adi Manav, jaanvar Chegu.

Aishwarya asks her that why she is too surprised. And later she gets clear that her mother was in favor of getting married to Yuvraj Adhivan. Aishwarya was going to tell her that he likes Garima but she changes the topic. There Garima was trying to ask Arak that where is that bottle which he took from Pranali’s room. But he says that he has not taken it. He goes and again Garima catches him and there was Adhivan too.

She also tells Adhivan about it and they took him to Pranali. Aishwarya’s mother goes to Shiladitya and asks him if he had asked Adhivan about the marriage. He then clears her that still, he is not going to marry so she has to wait as later they will refresh this topic. They reach Pranali and Garima with Adhivan and Arak were also there. Pranali tells her father that she had lost that bottle and he gets astonished. Adhivan tells them that Arak wants to tell them about that bottle and he encourages Arak to tell them.

Later after listening to him they reach Kaalindi, she when see them coming throws the bottle and she asks why they are there. Pranali asks her that where is that bottle which she brought through Arak. She denies that she had not any bottle. She says that Arak is the fool and he can lie if he can theft. She says she is there because her ship is not ready otherwise she has not any interest to live there. Shiladitya agrees with her and asks Pranali to agree with her and they return back to a room

. There Shiladitya tells Pranali that he thinks the culprit is Angad but Peanali says he is he husband and he also has a relationship with him. Then she asks for alternate and he clears her that medicine was too important to get the charge of Maling Sarovar and after leaving powers a king can only get 3 bottles and he adds that he doesn’t think that 2 bottles will be sufficient. He also gets her to know that Maling Sarovar is too important for Dev Vanshi and once Danav vanshi will get it, they will be ruined.

There Kalindi reaches Amgad and he goes to hit her as he thinks that she was an enemy. Kaalindi asks him that why he is making a secret cave in his room. And later it was shown that he locked Haran in ice there. He says that now it is starting of icy era and he makes a wall so that no one could reach there. Haran was shouting for help.


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