Today’s episode starts with Kalindi presents in darbar and Angad gets angry at her. He asks Pranali to expel her from the Maling.  Pranali asks Kalindi and she congratulates her on being queen. She then gives her introduction that she is the daughter of Madhumali with another father. She adds that Madhumali goes with all his money snatched and get married with Trishanku and became the queen of Mahapuram. She says that she tried to find her but she found that she has become the queen but it was too late as her father dies. Angad again shouts at her and says that she is fraud. She asks Pranali to make her slave. Pranali stops him and asks her about her coming. She says that she heard that her mother and king Trishanku died there and Angad who calls himself king is also there so she also came there. She says that it is her first right to get the powers of Mahapuram. Angad in anger holds her from neck and shouts. Adhivan takes off his sword. Kaalindi also takes off her sword. Pranali discloses the meeting. Arak gets happy that he has a big sister and she will play with him. He asks this from Garima and she says that she doesn’t know. She says that their family is too strange. Then he asks so why she planned to be a part of this family. Then he clears her that it was her misunderstanding that Adhivan likes her but there is nothing like that. He says that he likes to someone else who is taller than her and he goes. She gets confused.

There Chegu and Aishwarya meets and her mother sees them. She asks Aishwarya to go to her room and there she scolds her that what is between them. And says it is not well as he is a nomad. And she will also have to live her life in the jungle and she leaves. Shiladitya and Pranali were discussing about Madhumali with Angad but Shiladitya doesn’t tell him everything. Angad leaves. Shiladitya says to Pranali that still they can’t tell him everything as they are unknown about the matter and Angad’s contribution in that.  There Kalindi asks her men that is their boat is ready to go Mahapuram and he says that no as someone has torn the parts of the ship. Then she squabbles with Angad that she will kill him. She says that she will ask Pranali for a ship. She warns him that still, the Mahapuram has lost their king and queen and I don’t think that they also want to lose their Yuvraj.


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