Today’s episode starts with:- Angad was going to leave Maling and asks for permission. Shiladitya tells him that he can’t still tell him that why he gives powers to Pranali. But please don’t get angry with her. He says him to stay there for more. Angad says he can’t live there as he has to do deeds for subjects of Mahapuram as he is king of Mahapuram. He says I want to earn the respect of those people. He asks Shiladitya that after marriage a woman has two houses, so why he make Pranali confused in this deep situation. Shiladitya gets ashamed and says that still I have no answer for it so please give me some time to be answered. Angad leaves.

There Haran was training Aishwarya and Garima says that it is quite easy as I have already learned it. But when she takes sword it was too heavy for her so she was failed to handle. Haran says you should take wooden sword till you don’t get perfection in the work. Aishwarya was doing well and Chigu comes there. She looks at him and passes a smile and he does the same. Haran and Garima also see him and he waves them to continue. Haran when turns he sees Angad coming. He wishes him but Angad gets angry and passes away. Garima on seeing this makes a joke on him. Angad orders to a sainik to convey his message to his brothers that they have to leave for Mahapuram soon. He goes to Madhumali to awake her and she asks for if he is fine. He says to her that now they have to leave soon. He says to her that now she should leave sleeping here and be ready to go to the palace again. He says she should leave before Pranali comes. She says him that she is a queen now and she has to look after for Maling so she won’t leave.

Shiladitya calls Pranali and she comes. He says to her that he wants to tell her a truth as she is now a queen of Maling. He says that he wants to share a secret with her. She asks for what. He picks seat from his chair and presses a button there a box comes and he prints his hand there. He tells her that she has to do a ritual so that she could get powers as now she has to also look after for Maling sarovar. Suddenly Vaidehi comes and says that I was looking for you as Angad is returning to home. Pranali gives her first order to soldiers to stop Angad.  Madhumali gets happy to see future drama. Angad says to his brothers that I think we will leave here as Pranali will come and beg from me to leave here. Suddenly the anchor of the ship falls and he says to see that she has come.
But they were soldiers and he gets shocked. He scolds them and warns to kill them. They said that it is the order of queen so they must obey it. Pranali comes there and sees him.


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