According to the latest reports from the scientific findings, a new lunar mapping technology that was made with the help of artificial intelligence discovered around 6000 new crates on the earth’s satellite, Moon in only a few hours.

Lunar surface, AI, NASA

The moon’s surface has numerous craters, and some of them also are of billions of years old. With the help of the new lunar mapping technique, there were more craters counted on the moon’s surface. The numbers are quite shocking for the scientists- 6000 craters via the available resources from the earlier lunar observation.

Mohammad Ali-Dib belonging to the Center for Planetary Sciences at the University of Toronto, Scarborough, Canada says that usually, you need to manually consider looking at an image, locate, and count the craters and do the calculation of what their actual sizes would be based on their image size.

To conduct the study that was published in the journal Iracus, the expert team first trained their convolutional neural network on the databases that cover almost two-thirds of the moon. They went ahead to test the neural system on the rest of the moon.

The results came out as 92 percent of the moon craters from the tests generated by the humans, and that was almost the twice of the total number of the number of detections.

The experts were able to figure out more 6000 craters on the moon’s surface that were unidentified till date with the help of the newly invented technology.

Out of all the 6000 newly discovered craters, 15 percent of them have a small diameter than the actual crater size. The problems compared to the human-generated datasets held to be only 11 percent or less that make the deep learning technique helpful in extracting out the crater data from the several other solar system bodies as well.


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