Are you also excited about the upcoming Amazon Prime Video Lularich? If yes then this article is available here only for you. It is going to be the one of blockbusters in the catalog of Amazon Prime Video. This movie has been released on September 10, 2021. Lularich is the featuring character of this storytelling story of the biggest scam of Multi-level marketing. So let’s begin to know each and every detail.

lularich release date

In this film, you will watch Lularich will explore and everything about this MLM scam where thousands of employees are also affected. It was a scam where the employees of the company suffered financial loss. It is a documentary and directed by Jenner Furst and Julia Willoughby Nelson. It is a real story of billion dollar clothing empire LulLaRoe stand accused and mislead thousands of women with their Multi-level Marketing (MLM) platform.

If you love and enjoy documentaries of scams and some financial frauds stories then you will love it. In this series, you will see the actress tell and explore this scam completely. You will now this multi-level marketing scam where the women were suffered financial fraud. The LuLaRoe Company employed a deceiving tactic to market its sales called multi-level marketing, in which they sold leggings to a client while also signing up new retailers beneath them.

In this series, you enjoy the star cast which includes the name of  Roberta Blevin, Aine Cain, Lauren Covey Cars, Jill Drehmer, iliana Estarellas, Jill Filipovic, Robert FitzPatrick, Courtney Hardwood, Paul Ivanovsky, Tiffany Ivanovsky, LaShae Kimbrough, Ashleigh Lautaha, Stella Lemberg, Becca Peter, Kelly Purcaro, Sam Schultz, DeAnne Stidham and Mark Stidham.

The series has been released on Amazon Prime Video on 10th September 2021. It is available with four episodes. You can watch all the episodes on Amazon Prime Video. Before watching this series we suggest you take a subscription of this OTT platform. Share your feedback with us which will help us to identify responses from the market. The critics will be updated here very soon and we will tell you how much the series has performed among various other releases.


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